Our Wish List

School is starting in February 2017.

We have always wanted the kids not to stop from going to school. We can’t let them down. Many kids have been asking us to include them to our learning program. There are a lot needed to get this moving. We can’t ignore them to turn back and do forced labor and stay in abuses.

A little can help. The estimate is done for 500 kids among all the 3 groups of kids, in Namanganda, Kikubi Kamuli District, and Kyengere Masaka District.  It’s on a 4 month period.

For a few friends who have been asking for the kids’ necessity list, here it is, free to email us on rrachild@outlook.com for more information.

Thank You.

  1. (2400KG of Maize flour, these works for lunch and breakfast for the children during the week)
  2. (21 boxes. A kid using a dozen of books every term).
  3. (7 boxes, every kid taking 4 pens).
  4. (20 dozens).
  5. (24 boxes).
  6. Sewing Machine
  7. Sewing Materials.
  8. Printer.
  9. Desks.
  10. Geometry Sets. (200 pieces)
  11. Construction papers.
  12. Shavers.
  13. Soap.
  14. Erasers.
  15. Clothes
  16. Backpackers.
  17. Shoes.
  18. Textbooks.
  19. Pants.
  20. Toothbrush and Paste (500 pieces).
  21. Novels.
  22. Vaseline (500 pieces)
  23. Hair combs.
  24. Shocks.
  25. Plates (500 pieces)
  26. Cups (300 pieces).
  27. Pencil Sharpener.
  28. Fountain Pens (200 pieces).
  29. Ink.
  30. Mattress (for little kids to rest after class)
  31. Ream of papers (Ruled Papers and plane papers)
  32. Blankets.
  33. Glue.
  34. Tissues.
  35. Safety Pins.
  36. Staff room Finishing (this needs 30 bags of cement, 2 trips of sand, stones, 60 poles of timber, 55 pieces of iron sheets, 1 trip of blocks, furniture, 2 doors, 3 windows, Ventilators, ) This will have a staff room, Head teacher’s, RRAChild document shelves, Food store, and a library.

Playing Materials.

  1. Balls.
  2. Step2 All Star Sports Climber.
  3. Toddler Swing Teal.
  4. Swings.
  5. Sea saw.
  6. Eael board.
  7. Blocks.
  8. Skipping ropes.
  9. Kids’ Scramble games.

Another Ways.

  1. Sponsor a kid/project
  2. Become an Ambassador from your area.
  3. Become a teaching volunteer.


We would want to start a Building/Construction lesson to give the kids more skills.


Thanks for reading. We need your support.