What We Do

Funding helpless Children RRAChild’s main aim is to promote children’s rights to education. Through this, it has given school supplies to children, e.g. books, textbooks, atlas, dictionary, pens, medical check ups, clothes, among others to children. Something that encouraged RRAChild to this was a big number of children in Namanganda and nearby communities not being able to go to school because of this factor, by provision children are now happy in schools.

Illiteracy limiting The fact that most rural communities in Uganda and Africa at large don’t know how to read and write, RRAChild came in at least to help children to escape the danger. This is through supporting children’s education, making hand craft, and learning new languages, Swahili, Luganda, Lusoga, and English among others. Minimizing on the poverty and famine levels Since most rural communities have no access to improved social services say transport, market, health, and education, they are below the poverty line, in this RRAChild has managed to set up projects to help them minimize poverty spread in the area, piggery and potato plantation for the community benefit.

Counseling This is done through giving psycho social skills to children and the elderly, they learn how to handle situations say conflicts and others, issues on HIV/AIDS and how to cater for the affected and also empowering the infected children, how to handle families and teaching them on family planning ideas, and behaviors. Capacity building This is through teaching them on family planning, handcraft making, how to write good essays, songs, and drama, knowledge on piggery, local poultry, agriculture, helping them with homework, and knowledge to situations, good parenting skills, and how useful education is.

Helping the Elderly The sense that the Elderly are lacking enough energy to perform community and social activities, they earn a little or no incomes to live a good life. they are ever at homes and living a very poor and helpless children. RRAC was attempted to give a hand to provide them with heath cares, food, and some social welfare so as to enjoy their remaining life. Charity Work RRAChild emphasizes at bringing about a good health pattern in rural communities aiming at providing a good heath environment, here we do construct traditional utensils stand, filling holes and digging along side rural roads, sing in churches, help and mourning when ever members or helpless get a problem, sing in church, communal work, simple construction like latrines, cleaning wells, these help children to grow with a helping heart and good behaviors.