Visionary Learning Center


Thousands and thousands of school going age miss out school, they put up hundreds and hundreds of reasons as to why they do, it's true and self explanatory, kids walk more than an hour to school, prevailing schools lack facilities, and teachers miss classes not only just a day but days. Kids are forced out of classes once they have no school supplies. Schools don’t care about giving a pen, a book or anything.

Since children start school at an older age, they are lied by older men, once they give birth to kids at an early teen age, kids will lose moral of going back to school, and there is no any motivating and empowering factors to give them a way to get back to school.

The economic activity in deep rural is agriculture, however it is done on subsistence, as a result, the parents always lack money to pay for the kids’ fees at school to educate their children, and therefore this denies little children a chance and freedom to school.

The need for money has forced many parents to sell their kids in paid of labor like working as housemaids in nearby urban areas and towns, in plantation farms, teen brides, an it's a bit challenging cause many authorities in rural don't care about this problem.

RRAChild from all around the global has come up with an idea to put this to a limit and to a stop to kids we can get to.

Awareness campaigns have been set up in communities to fight early brides, kids are being called up to start developing the good of their future by going a school which is set up for them. It provides free services to all children in and out the communities however no sleep accommodation provided to the children apart from the very few.

Meet the school RRAchild has for the children to provide learning lessons to all children in the communities.