Thank You


To the prevailing water scarcity in rural communities, the diseases and other complications involved like Typhoid, Diarrhea, Dysentery, Children moving very long distances for the search for clean water, rapes and attempted rapes, fights among children for drawing water first, walking at dark and in bushy areas, and lots of other circumustances,

Our supporters from allover the world made it for the children at RRAChild , Visionary Learning Center, and the nearby villages. A new BOREHOLE is now set up to provide to the communities, clean ,safe and fully tested water from the labaratory, 

Thanks so much all our American Supporters.

Thanks so much Margie Patton

Thanks so much Stephen Jones.

Thanks so much Dalila De Padua.

Many thanks Eddy Kaliisa.

And all people who have made it possible for the well project to be successful. The borehole is now helping all people in the nearby communties, and the school kids, we are sure the community will use it to develope their financial bases.

Much love to you.