Revive an African Child (RRAC) is a non-profit making rural based organization, which aims at empowering vulnerable children and elderly people in rural communities. It extends both financial and non-financial assistance like basic needs such as scholastic materials, food stuff, and cloths. It also provides psych social support as well as social economic skills.

RRAC’s main aim is to promote children’s rights to education. Through this, it has given school supplies to children, e.g. books, textbooks, atlas, dictionary, pens, medical check ups, clothes, among others to children.

RRAC currently performs its activities in Eastern Uganda particularly Bugabula South in Kitayunjwa, Namaganda areas Kamuli district. Kamuli District is bordered by Buyende to the north, Luuka to the east, Jinja to the south and Kayunga to the west. The district headquarters at Kamuli are located approximately 74 kilometers (46 mi), by road, north of Jinja, the largest city in region. The coordinates of the district are: 00 55N, 33 06E.

Revive a Rural African Child is dedicated to bring joy to the helpless Rural Children who are in far rural communities. RRAC is looking forward for volunteers who are willing to assist or lead in fundraising, who can help to contribute school supplies, ideas to help in fundraising, who can act as regional representatives, help with musical equipments (video and audio recording), literacy books.

As gotten from the kids, straight to our page, and i have also spotted out some necessities that would help the kids to achieve their dreams and desires, i know this is all what we need, If a child needs to be a Doctor, a lawyer, pilot, nurse, farmer, soldier, driver, social worker, human right advocator, mother/father!!, Zoo keeper, architecture, plumber and so on, we need to help them out,