Get involved in RRAChild Activities

Revive a Rural African Child is dedicated to bring joy to the helpless Rural Children who are in far rural communities.
RRAChild is looking forward for volunteers who are willing to assist in teaching, coaching the kids in sports, homeschooling the Special Needs Kids, lead in fundraising events, contribute towards school supplies, playing, and musical equipments (video and audio recording), literacy books, and act as regional representatives.

RRAC used to get support from the founder’s saving and selling computer programs at school, due to the large number of children and guardians, RRAC had to increase on the number of children it caters for thereby making it unable to fulfill the responsibilities as it wished to. A volunteer will be able to ask where his/her support or money has worked. RRAC will provide you photos (for now), expenditure lists, and reports. In general RRAC needs people to lender their help and support to the helpless children in rural communities.

You can help by contacting,



+256 (0) 784980354.