Revive a Rural African Child (RRAC)

Revive an African Child (RRAChild ) is a non-profit making rural based organization, which aims at empowering vulnerable children and elderly people in rural communities. It extends both financial and non-financial assistance like basic needs such as scholastic materials, food stuff, and cloths. It also provides psych social support as well as social economic skills. The organization operates currently in Namaganda, Kyinawampele, Naminage, Nakanyonyi, Nakabango, and Kainogoga all in Kamuli district. However with time we hope work in other rural areas like Namulese, Nakabango, and Nakanyonyi in Jinja district. We do this because these areas are poverty stricken and there is a high rate of school drop outs among children of school going age. Children and the elderly are our target groups because they are susceptible to so many circumstances in these areas that negatively impact on their well being. Elderly people are not actively engage in decision making process that concern about their community development and have no equal access to social services; things that make them live in a state of deprivation and not enjoy their social life. On the other hand, children are subjected to heavy domestic work, early marriages and other risk that effect their growth and development. However, by provision of physical and psychological needs, children will be in position to develop intellectually, socially, morally and emotionally hence growth and development. These and many more compelled us to deal with these groups and in rural areas.

Full and equitable access to service opportunities and betterment of lives of the vulnerable.

To support children and elderly who are marginalized in all aspects of life in rural areas so as to enjoy valuable and sustainable living.


  • To improve the standards of living of vulnerable people in Kamuli.
  • To reduce high illiteracy rates among the children of school going age by 20% by 2016.
  • To build self-esteem and self-awareness among the vulnerable people.
  • To increase people’s participation in community development activities through empowering them.
  • To improve capacity of elderly people to use the available local resources in developmental activities.

RRAC currently get support from the founder as he has not gotten any volunteer to assist, money is got from saving from up keep, and travel. This is why the founder can not meet all the necessities needed by the helpless children and community at large.

RRAC aims at expanding its activities to vulnerable communities of rural areas by giving a hand to the helpless children and the elderly. Our target communitieas include Masaka, Jinja, Rakai, Lyantonde, and others. Education, we aim at promoting education to children and schools rural communities to the same level to those in urban areas and beyond. Opening up a recording and video making studio aimed at promoting and developing talents, promoting children rights and spreading their voice through music and drama as well as creating awareness among the entire communities on Africa and the world.

Children who had no chance to go to school and those who had dropped out are now in schools and are performing well. RRAC together with Evaders Planet have managed to record educative songs “The Cancer Song” that creates awareness on cancer. RRAC has managed to set up projects in different areas to initiate its actives, i.e. the piggery project which aimed at buying cameras for the shooting drama and videos, potato plantation aimed at providing food to the local communities, and selling it to serve the children’s needs. RRAC has managed to expand the Charity in 2014, this because of the endeavor requests from helpless community members and children themselves. This couldn’t keep the founder firm not to give a chance to eager to learn children seated at their homes.